Why hire us?

Deciding on a technical partner for your outsourcing needs is a critical aspect of your business. Think no further - You can trust us with your work and we will make the process hassle-free and rewarding for you.

The most critical, and the most difficult, aspect of technology outsourcing is undoubtedly choosing the service provider. Because technology, in today’s world, has a major impact on business success, there is no cushion for experimentation. And a wrong decision at this stage might lead to catastrophic losses to the business. At Zyoba Labs, we understand the gravity of the situation.  We know how important it is for the clients to get the technology right at the very first instance. So, we have devised our internal processes keeping this in mind.

Systematic Implementation

As we all know, software development is a long and tedious process and technical specifications (or the requirement briefs) can, in many cases, change owing to business needs. In order to ensure that any intermediate changes can be addressed immediately and also to ensure that any deviations from the plan can be pre-empted before its late, we follow agile methodologies throughout our engagement with the clients. Intermediate deliverables, periodic follow up meetings, and regular communication with the clients have helped us deliver the best outcomes and build a credible base of happy customers.

The Human Touch

We are also a strong proponent of The Human Factor in service business. You will realize while working with us that we are not mere programming robots who just follow the instructions. We believe in sharing our technical knowledge and industry insights with the clients so that they can also benefit from our expertise. We do not hesitate to communicate our views on the product and suggest any changes/enhancements that would make the product better. Whenever we sign up any project, we try to get into the shoes of the clients and understand what the project means to the clients. This approach of thinking from the product owner’s perspective has always helped us in delivering delightful experience to our customers.

Global Practices

Our management team consists of professionals from diverse functional background in the technology and business domain who have extensive experience working with multinational companies in cross-cultural and cross-functional setup. Drawing from their experience, we have developed an amazing culture and a set of best practices within the company that makes Zyoba Labs fit the bills of a global service provider. Our learning and development processes are aligned not only towards improving our technical competencies but also towards promoting professional ethics and global practices.

Quality assurance through meritocratic culture

At Zyoba Labs, we strongly believe in meritocracy. Unlike most other software service providers, who typically mass-recruit sub-standard talents to address the growing demand, we are very selective in our hiring process and only recruit the best resources from the best schools in the country. Another important aspect of our hiring process is that we don’t just look at technical capabilities – We want people who are smart and have exceptional communication skills, are go getters and more importantly people who fit to our culture and can relate to our vision. We do not mind letting go a couple of projects if we have resource limitations. But, quantity at the cost of quality is a strict NO at Zyoba Labs.