WordPress enabled online shopping site – Vastra

Development of e-commerce portal for Vastra using Wordpress (Woocommerce)

WordPress enabled online shopping site – Vastra

Responsibilities: Development of the e-commerce portal mycustomattire.com for Vastra (Custom Attire India Pvt. Ltd.) using wordpress.

Description: The client , with its head office in India, is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of customized uniforms for schools, hospitals, factories, restaurants and security guards. Until now, the client was receiving orders mostly through mails and telephones. The client realised that in order to succeed in the hyper-competitive industry that it is in, it needed to improve its digital presence. Custom Attire India felt that establishing an online shopping portal was the best way to go forward. Having an e-commerce site would not only allow their customers to view Vastra’s offerings online and place orders, but also allowed Vastra to track the orders and ensure that deliveries were done on time.

The client approached Zyoba Labs with the requirement for the online retail business. As the client had no prior background in technology, Zyoba Labs’ consultants helped the client understand the technical landscape and worked closely with the Vastra team to analyse the business case in hand and prepare a detailed requirement document. Once the specifications were ready, Zyoba Labs’ developers started working on the engineering aspect of it and proposed that WordPress be used as the preferred CMS because of its ease of development and maintenance and fast rollout capabilities. The developers finally delivered a solution that would exactly fulfill the client’s need. During the technical evaluation and development phase, Zyoba Labs also helped the client to finalize third party solutions, like payment gateways, that were essential in the system.

Technology: Wordpress