Technology consulting and implementation

We help you find your way through the complex technical landscape to come up with the right set of technology and tools suitable for your business.

  • How do you know which technology platform is best for delivering your services?
  • Are you assured about the future readiness of the technology you are investing in?

There are multitudes of concerns you may have while investing in the technology to build your products and services – what technologies to use, how to build them and how to integrate with the existing systems? At Zyoba Labs, we help you find your way through the complex technical landscape and adopt the right approach to fulfill your business needs.

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We understand that technology is just an enabler for most of the businesses. Our innovative engagement model ensures that your technical requirements are completely addressed by our team, thus allowing your team to focus more on other important aspects of your business.

We have successfully provided technology consulting services to companies in various verticals including education, entertainment, travel, healthcare and technology. And the domain-expertise we have harnessed through these engagements would certainly be beneficial to you as a client.

Investments in technology are always tricky. You have to get it absolutely right the first time to avoid product failures and loss of business. Our experience of working with clients from various verticals with different technology requirements enables us to provide you the best of services that ensure the highest return for your investments.

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In today’s world where technology advances every second, simply embracing technology that fulfills immediate needs does not suffice. There’s a need to think from a long-term perspective and set the foundation right so that you are future-ready. At Zyoba Labs, we are very critical about the scalability, robustness, reusability and adaptive aspect of the technology we deliver.

Mary Kay Ash, the renowned American businesswoman, has rightly said, “Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless”. And at Zyoba Labs, execution is our forte`. We are fortunate to have a fleet of technology enthusiasts who can give up anything to build innovative products. That’s the reason why we have been able to roll out amazing products that have accelerated our clients’ business processes by leaps and bounds.